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Institutional Investment 

The Investment Team at Eastern Bank Wealth Management
When it comes to managing investments, reputation, performance results, and experience are everything. The Investment Team provides investment management for municipalities, corporations, nonprofit organizations and endowments with asset allocation and investment performance to reach their goals. We employ a unique approach to investing that includes:

  A focused, high-quality experienced investment team that delivers superior results.  We are an investment boutique that is small enough to provide access to the decision makers and large enough to play in the global markets.

  Adding value through strategic stock selection and targeted asset allocations.

  An investment process that incorporates the disciplines of risk management and alpha generation to optimize portfolio returns.  We monitor our portfolios on a regular basis and understand that markets are always changing.  Risk management is just as important as alpha generation.

  Integration of fundamental research in our investment process.

  A wide range of investment strategies, including large cap core, large cap growth, large cap value, blended strategies and fixed income.

Meet our Institutional Investment Team.

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To learn more, contact Michael Tyler, Chief Investment Officer, at 617-897-1122.