Eastern Bank + Alexa

Eastern Bank + Alexa


How to Enable the Eastern Bank Skill for Amazon Alexa

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To get the most out of our skill, you will need an Eastern Bank bank account and a login for our Eastern Mobile Banking platform. You can still locate a branch with the Eastern Bank Skill without an Eastern Bank bank account or Eastern Mobile Banking. 

Step 1 - Enable the Skill

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device or go to Amazon.com.
  • Select “Skills & Games” and search for Eastern Bank and select “Enable.”
  • To use the Locations features of the Eastern Bank Alexa Skill, allow “Device Address” and “Location Services” in Skill Permissions.

Step 2 - Link Your Account

  • Enter your Eastern Bank username and password.
  • Choose a primary account and create a 4-digit passcode. Alexa will ask for your passcode when you ask about your account.

Step 3 – Talk to Alexa

  • To get started, say “Alexa, open Eastern Bank”

By using our skill you agree to the terms and conditions included in our Online Banking Service Agreement.



Here are some things you can ask Alexa about your Eastern Bank accounts. Start by saying "Alexa, open Eastern Bank."
Balance Inquiries Locations Transaction History Bill Payments

“What’s my balance?”

“What’s my checking balance?”

“What’s my savings balance?”

“How much money do I have?”

“Find the closest ATM”

“Where is the nearest branch?”

“Where is the closest insurance office”

“How much did I spend last week?”

“What’s my transaction summary for Tuesday?”

“What was the total amount in my checking account last Friday?”

“What are my pending bill payments?”

“What are my complete bill payments from today?” 

“What's the total amount of completed bill payments from last week?”


Have Questions?


How do I enable the Eastern Bank Skill for Amazon Alexa?

In the Amazon Alexa app, click on the menu icon in the upper left corner and click on “Skills & Games”. In the upper right corner click on the search icon and type “Eastern Bank”. Click on the search result that pops up and click on the “Enable to Use” button.

I’ve enabled the skill – why can’t Alexa access my account?

After enabling the skill, you will need to link your Eastern Bank account to Alexa. Open the Amazon Alexa app, click on skills and choose the Eastern Bank Alexa Skill. From there, click on Settings and choose Link Account to begin linking your Eastern Bank account. You will need to:

  1. Enter your Eastern Bank credentials
  2. Grant the skill permissions by clicking “Authorize”
  3. Choose your primary account
  4. Create a unique passcode

How do I enroll in Eastern Online Banking?

You can enroll online by opening the login menu on any page in the Eastern Bank website and selecting “Enroll.”

Will the information I share be stored on the device?


What is a passcode?

A 4-digit number code that you create during setup. This is to verify that it’s you before Alexa says your account information out loud.

How do I change my passcode?

To change your passcode:

  1. Disable the skill
  2. Re-enable the skill
  3. Authorize your account
  4. Create a new passcode

Is my passcode the same as my bank PIN?

No. This passcode will be specific to accessing your account information through Alexa.

What is my primary account?

Your primary account is the main account you would like Alexa to refer to. For example, if you ask “Alexa, ask Eastern Bank, what is my balance?” Alexa will respond with the balance of your primary account. Otherwise, you can specify the type of account balances you want such as “Alexa, ask Eastern Bank, what is my checking balance?” or “Alexa, ask Eastern Bank, what is my savings balance?”

How do I change my primary account?

To reset your primary account for Alexa:

  1. Disable the skill
  2. Re-enable the skill
  3. Authorize your account
  4. Choose which of your Eastern Bank accounts you would like to have as your main account

Can someone else access my information?

Anyone within earshot will be able to hear what Alexa will say. With your unique passcode protecting your account only you should be able to access information about your accounts through Alexa. Do not share your passcode with anyone. Eastern Bank will never ask you to provide your passcode. If you need to reset your passcode for any reason, disable and re-enable the Eastern Bank Alexa Skill.

How do I disable the Eastern Bank Skill for Amazon Alexa?

Open the Amazon Alexa app, click on Skills and choose the Eastern Bank skill. Click the button “Disable Skill”.