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Hear directly from our employees what they like best about working at Eastern Bank.  Spoiler alert: it may not be what you think! 


Cindy Ciman at the office

Operations Director, Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Joined Eastern Bank in 1981

“Inclusion. Diversity. Belonging.”

Cindy Ciman began her career at Eastern Bank 38 years ago when she needed a job to help pay for college. Surprisingly this “college job” evolved into an incredible journey with Eastern Bank. Initially hired as a Teller, Cindy was later accepted into the bank’s management training program. From then on, Cindy has held various positions and ultimately led the department as Vice President of Consumer Lending. Cindy spent the next 6 years as a member of the Residential Mortgage Team.

Today, Cindy is our Community Grant Manager, responsible for shepherding the review of donation requests from submission to final decision.   “No easy task considering we review more than 3,000 grant requests a year”.  she shares with pride, that in 2018, Eastern Bank contributed to over 1,600 organization totaling over $11 million dollars in charitable contributions. According to Cindy, “This experience has given me the opportunity to learn about the wonderful work of the many organizations serving the communities in Eastern’s footprint.”

In addition to leading about the non-profit organization, Cindy continued, “My varied career has also allowed me to learn about all the areas of the Bank, which helps me better understand how we function as an organization.”

Cindy describes Eastern Bank’s employees as caring, hardworking, dedicated, and team players. “Employees are fun, considerate, collaborative and always ready to jump in to get the job done”. She believes our diverse workforce and collaborative environment contributes to providing the best service for our customers. When asked about the culture within, Cindy defined it as “one of inclusion, diversity, and belonging”, in which she goes on to say that every employee and staff member is a “part of the Eastern Bank family”.


Jasmine Clarke at the office

Associate Vice President, Senior Recruiter, Human Resources
Joined Eastern Bank in 2016

“Inclusive. Nurturing. Collaborative. Committed.”

Prior to joining Eastern Bank, Jasmine Clarke believed that the Bank was “an industry leader in community involvement”. She began her position as a Human Resources Officer at Eastern Bank a little over a year ago and has since been promoted to an AVP, Senior Recruiter.  Jasmine is glad that her initial thoughts about Eastern were correct which “reassured me that I made the right decision for my life, both personally and professionally”.  Within her first year at Eastern Bank, Jasmine has been involved in many community outreach programs, including supporting veterans, supporting underprivileged children and families, and supporting LGBTQ communities.  “All of these opportunities have allowed me to be involved in the community more than ever before and it feels great.”

“I was taken aback by just how well Eastern exemplified everything I was told during the interview process,” Jasmine says. “The department that I work within is very inclusive and supportive; you can tell that everyone understands that individual success only benefits the overall success of the company”.  Although she is one of the newest members of the Human Resources team and department, Jasmine expresses that “it’s so refreshing to feel included and valued.”

Jasmine describes the culture at Eastern Bank as “inclusive, nurturing, collaborative, and committed”. She realized quickly that the innovative culture comes from the collaborative work environment that Eastern is committed to.  “Each person at Eastern Bank is very different and contributes a key part to what has shaped our culture over time."


Maura Hurley at the office

Customer Service, Customer Experience Council
Joined Eastern Bank in 1996

“We all work together perfectly as a team.”

Although she never envisioned herself as a banker, Maura Hurley believes that working at Eastern Bank was the best decision she has ever made. With over 25 years of banking experience, Maura is proud that “Eastern Bank constantly strives to offer its customers the best possible service that it can provide”.  While working within the Customer Service Center, Maura’s responsibilities include managing Problem Resolution, Internal Service, and Virtual Banking.

“I truly believe that Eastern Bank is all they claim to be, and I feel that this company is the perfect fit for me. I share all the beliefs that Eastern Bank claims; we invest in our communities, we fight against discrimination and racism, advocate for children, the LBGTQ community and immigrants.  As employers we offer equal opportunities for everyone”.  

Maura is currently a member of the Customer Experience Council where she feels “very lucky to work with an amazing group of people whose main focus is to provide our customers with great customer service”. Her teams’ goals are to increase customer satisfaction by reviewing servicing trends, working with peers to improve processes and communicating with customers.  If you ask her what her favorite part of her job is, Maura will tell you that it is “finding ways to resolve customer issues and improve the process for the next person."




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