Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport

Eastern Bank is offering a new software option to assist our business customers using Eastern Business Banking and Eastern Treasury in combating fraud called Trusteer Rapport. Trusteer Rapport, also referred to as "Rapport", is a lightweight security software solution that protects web communication between banks, and their customers.

Rapport implements a completely new approach to protecting you when you are using one of Eastern's Business online banking services. By locking down your browsers and creating a tunnel for safe communication with the online website, Rapport prevents Man-in-the-Browser malware and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Rapport also prevents phishing via website authentication to ensure that account login credentials are passed to genuine sources only.

Rapport's unique technology blocks advanced Trojans including Zeus without the need to constantly update and chase the different variants of these Trojans. Its proprietary browser lockdown technology simply prevents unauthorized access to information that flows between you, our customer, and our business online banking service regardless of whether these attempts were generated by new or known Trojan variants. Rapport is also capable of preventing very targeted and under the radar phishing attacks.

Rapport uses three primary technologies to shield online banking sessions:

Trusteer's technology protects the weakest link in the online banking security chain - the browser. Rapport is based on three proprietary security technologies that can easily scale to protect customers and employees against the rapidly growing threat of malware and online fraud. Its lack of dependence on heuristics or signatures ensures this scalability. Here are the technologies Rapport employs to make online browsing safe from criminal attacks.

Browser Lockdown - This technology specifically prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information in the browser. Before launching the browser, Rapport verifies its integrity, preventing unauthorized modifications to the browser's executable. Rapport locks down all programmatic interfaces to sensitive information inside the browser while it is connected to a protected website. This prevents browser add-ons and other pieces of software from accessing login information, financial information and transactions based on customized policy created with the enterprise. Additionally, Rapport protects the browser's memory and prevents any pieces of code injected into the browser's memory from capturing or modifying sensitive information.

Keystroke - Rapport prevents tampering and reading of data by encrypting sensitive information from the moment it is typed into the keyboard until it reaches the browser. Trusteer encrypts keystrokes very low in the operating system’s kernel and keeps them encrypted inside the kernel and user space to achieve this goal.

Communication Lockdown - This technology enables Rapport to verify the legitimacy of the website that the customer or employee is currently using, preventing the submission of sensitive information to fraudulent websites. What’s more, verification of a direct connection with the website and assurance of encryption are also confirmed to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Rapport is a critical security control that can help reduce the risk of losses from Man-in-the-Browser based attacks.

To learn more about how Rapport works to protect you, as well as for installation instructions and system requirements, visit Trusteer's page on Rapport for Eastern Bank.

Trusteer is not owned by or affiliated with Eastern Bank but is an independent third-party provider of web-based security services. Eastern Bank is not responsible for the downloading, installation or maintenance of the Rapport software on your computer or other electronic device and does not guarantee or warrant the effectiveness or success of the service. In addition, your use of the Rapport software creates a contractual relationship between you and Trusteer.

Using Rapport

Rapport is downloaded only once via a simple installation process that requires no technical skills. Repeat downloads are not required no matter which enterprise it was originally downloaded from. The secure browsing software solution works in the background and doesn’t call for a change in user behavior – online banking and use of the internet can continue as usual. Rapport only pop’s up to provide alerts about potential threats and is otherwise transparent. Trusteer operates a 24 hour support center to answer customer questions, which ensures a smooth user experience.

To start using Trusteer Rapport you can click on the down load button on the splash message prior to getting to the login page to either Eastern Business Banking or Eastern Treasury and follow the simple steps for installation or go to the Trusteer website at

For additional information regarding Trusteer Rapport you can visit their website at or contact the Business Service Team at 1-800-333-8000.