Capital Markets


When you choose Eastern Capital Markets, you’ll have access to unique benefits, including:

A wide selection of taxable and tax-exempt fixed-income products.  Our products have terms ranging from seven days to 30 years.

  • Municipal expertise.  We have extensive experience in tax-exempt issues, providing fiscal advisory services to more than 120 New England cities and towns.
  • Experienced professionals.  Our dedicated team of experienced professionals has strong knowledge of taxable and tax-exempt securities.
  • Personalized service.  We will work with you to build innovative, tailored solutions that balance your investment timeframe and yield requirements.
  • Dedication and commitment.  We maintain full-time sales, trading, and underwriting staff in Boston, focused solely on our Capital Markets’ activities.
  • Immediate access to funds.  Since all transactions settle to an Eastern Bank deposit account, you always have immediate access to your funds.

We offer a wide array of fixed income services and investment alternatives, including:

Tax-Exempt Bonds and Notes
As a leading underwriter of tax-exempt bonds in New England, we focus on city, town and state obligations in Massachusetts.

  • We underwrite and distribute more than $2.5 billion in tax-exempt securities a year.
  • Our role as fiscal advisor to more than 120 cities and towns across Massachusetts gives us unmatched access to new-issuance tax-exempt notes and bonds.
  • We provide safekeeping and income collection services.
  • We maintain an extensive inventory of tax-exempt securities of all maturities – short, medium, and long term, allowing us to find the optimal blend of duration and yield for your needs.

U.S. Treasury and Government Agency Securities
Acting as a principal, Eastern Bank Capital Markets engages in the buying and selling of U.S. Treasury and Government Agency securities. As your agent, we can also provide access to U.S. Treasury auctions.

  • Our Boston-based sales and trading staff is committed to providing the best market information and execution possible.
  • Eastern Bank Capital Markets, acts as principal or agent, on completed taxable fixed income transactions in excess of $4.3 billion.
  • We provide safekeeping and income collection services.

Money Market Instruments
We are able to offer competitive rates through a wide range of quality short-term investment options – from money market funds and U.S. Treasury securities to commercial paper.

  • As principal, we can provide access to Government Agency Discount Notes.
  • We provide safekeeping and income collection services.

Bank Liabilities over $100,000
We offer competitive rates on certificates of deposit (CDs) over $100,000.

  • Maturities as little as seven days.
  • Immediate settlement to an Eastern Bank deposit account.

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