Cash Management

As your business grows, so will your need for cash management services to help you control and maximize your cash flow.  Our experienced professionals can help you design cash management solutions so you can expedite collections, disburse and maximize funds more efficiently, and gain immediate access to the information you need to make critical business decisions. 

For more information on Eastern Bank Treasury Services, email us or call 781-581-6899 or 1-800-333-8000.


To help you maximize funds availability and reduce internal administrative costs, we offer a range of collection and concentration services, including: 

Automated Clearing House Origination (ACH)
Provides you with the capability of electronically originating transactions, including collection of funds from individuals and companies via our Eastern TreasuryConnect platform. 

Wholesale & Retail Lockbox 
Accelerates the collection of customer receipts and expedites funds availability.

Remote Check Deposit
Allows you to make deposits from the convenience of your office. Using a desktop scanner, you can capture check data and images, then transmit this deposit information to the bank via a secure Internet connection, so you can:

  • Eliminate special trips to the bank
  • Reduce the need for multiple bank relationships due to location
  • Review deposit information online anytime, from anywhere
  • Eliminate manual data entry by downloading data into your internal systems

Paymode-X® is a business to business closed payment network that provides digital invoicing, digital remittance and e-invoicing technology. Call 781-596-8992 to learn more.

Our disbursement services give you greater control over your company’s outflow of funds while reducing operating expenses:

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs)
Do you have multiple locations and accounts? Our Zero Balance operating accounts let you consolidate funds for greater efficiency. 

Automated Clearing House Origination (ACH)
With our EasternTreasuryConnect® Internet platform, you can generate electronic payments such as payroll and tax payments. 

Tax Express
Experience a fast, safe, and convenient way to pay your federal and state taxes without leaving your office. All you need is a touch-tone phone or a computer with an Internet connection to make payments from your Eastern Bank account accurately and on time. Each payment takes only about 60 seconds.

Wire Transfer Services
Securely transfer funds anywhere in real time. Wires can be initiated by telephone or through the TreasuryConnect Internet platform. 

To help you more efficiently and cost-effectively reconcile your business accounts, we offer these services:

  • Full reconcilement
  • Partial reconcilement
  • Deposit reconciliation

Positive Pay
Gain added security over your account activity by monitoring electronic debits or checks and review potential fraudulent activity with our positive pay services:

  • ACH positive pay
  • Check positive pay
  • Reverse positive pay

Eastern Bank’s Treasury Services professionals can help you maximize the earning potential of excess cash balances. We offer a full range of automatic investment services:

Overnight Investment Programs
Excess funds are deposited automatically into overnight investments. Net daily balances in these investments earn interest, are FDIC insured and maintain the liquidity needed to cover checks drawn against the account the next business day. 

Sweep to Line of Credit2
Automatically transfer a line of credit to a checking account to cover checks or maintain a target balance. Conversely, excess checking account funds are automatically applied to any line balances to reduce interest expense.

Dual Sweep Programs1,2
Automatically transfer funds to or from a checking account in an amount needed to maintain an appropriate “target balance.” Excess balances are automatically applied against a line of credit while in a borrowing mode, or into an FDIC insured overnight investment when the line is fully paid.

Short-Term Investments
These include a variety of low-risk alternatives with a full range of maturities, including CDs, commercial paper, U.S. Treasury Bills, municipal notes and money market accounts.

  1. The amount of FDIC insurance varies by product. Please contact your business relationship officer for more information.
  2. Any funds swept overnight to your Line of Credit are considered a payment on your outstanding obligation on your Line of Credit. They are not considered a deposit of Eastern Bank and are not insured by the FDIC. 
  3. Not all short-term investments are insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, nor are they deposits of or guaranteed by any bank and may lose value. Please contact your business relationship officer for more information. 

At Eastern Bank, we understand that your cash management system requires a constant flow of accurate information. Our information reporting services allow you to obtain information instantly while freeing your administrative staff for more productive tasks.

Solution Description Features
Eastern TreasuryConnect® This is an Internet-based treasury management solution that allows you to manage your company’s finances anytime.    
  • View historical and same-day account information on both your deposit and loan accounts
  • View and export lockbox information and images
  • View electronic reports for EDI transactions and Account Reconciliation
  • Access Positive Pay services
  • Initiate real-time transfers between your Eastern accounts
  • Export balance and transaction information directly into your accounting and spreadsheet software
  • Define access levels by user 
  • Send real-time stop payment requests
  • Initiate wires and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions
  • Establish activity and approval alerts

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Check Images on CD-ROM With this software program, you will receive a CD-ROM containing a copy of the front and back of each check paid during a particular statement cycle.
  • Retrieve paid checks by number, check amount, or date paid
  • Save on storage space and gain an efficient means of filing and retrieving paid check information