Cash Reserve Line of Credit

No one wants to experience the hassle and expense of overdrafts.  With an Eastern Cash Reserve Line of Credit, you won’t have to.  This convenient line gives you overdraft protection and the comfort of knowing your checks can be paid even if your checking account balance is “off” a little.

Features and Benefits

With a Cash Reserve Line of Credit, you'll get these benefits:

  • Flexibility to apply for a line from $1,000 to $15,000.
  • The option to have your payments automatically deducted from your checking account.

Please view the Cash Reserve Agreement and Account Opening Disclosure

Loan Product



Parameters & Fees

Cash Reserve 18.00% APR


  • 3% of outstanding balance due monthly

Min: $1,000    Max: $15,000

  • Annual fee: $251
  • Cash Advance Fee: $101
  • Must have open consumer checking account; all account owners must apply
  • Accounts for minors do not qualify (UTMA and 18/65)
Personal Line of Credit

Prime plus 5.00%


  • interest only monthly
  • Matures in 5 years (balance due in full at maturity)


Min: $5,000    Max: $50,000

• $50 annual fee (waived for Premier customers)

A personal financial statement or tax return if self-employed must be submitted with application


Consumer loan rates effective 3/1/18.

1. Fee is waived if your account tis linked to a Premier Checking account.

Three Easy Ways to Apply

  • Online: Click on the link below for the loan you want: Cash Reserve
  • By phone: Call 1-800-EASTERN (327-8376). 
  • At any Eastern Bank branch: Use our branch locator to find one near you.