Color & Capital For Good

Pledge to do your part in closing the racial wealth gap

This pledge serves as a call to action to affirm one’s commitment to positively and diligently work towards dismantling the racial wealth gap.

  • I recognize that dismantling racial inequities requires intentional efforts to change my thinking and actions.

  • I will deliberately seek and suggest working with small Black & Latinx businesses when in need of vendors for my company/organization.

  • I will lead in sponsoring Black and Latinx businesses.

  • I will intentionally buy from Black and Latinx small business owners.

  • I believe in the power of speaking up for Black and Latinx community members, especially when they are not in the room.

  • I will intentionally make room at the table for diverse representation and true inclusivity of diverse voices.

  • I will lead in curating brave spaces to unpack and address personal biases that further perpetuate oppressive behavior to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  • I will ask questions rather than lead with assumptions when entering unchartered territory.

  • I will use my voice intentionally to make room in all spaces for Black and Latinx representation, especially in leadership roles.


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