Eastern Give For Good FAQs

About Eastern Give for Good

Are there any fees associated with using the Eastern Give for Good feature? 

No! The feature is a free benefit of banking with Eastern Bank, available through Eastern Mobile & Online Banking®. There are no fees associated with giving either. While most charity sites use portions of donors’ donations to cover transaction fees, with Eastern Give for Good, your chosen charities receive 100% of the charitable dollars you give them and Eastern covers any associated transaction fees.  

Note: You may be assessed fees by your financial institution if there are insufficient funds to cover a transfer of funds into your Eastern Give for Good feature. 


How can I fund my Eastern Give for Good feature? 

You can add funds from a variety of credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts of your choice (while you can pay through an Eastern account or with your Eastern Bank debit card, you don’t have to).  


Is there a minimum deposit required to enroll in the feature? 

No, enrolling is free and there are no minimums required to access Eastern Give for Good – unlike with many traditional Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) where minimums can reach up to $25,000.  


What is the minimum or maximum deposit that I can make into my feature? 

There aren’t any! 


How does the Eastern Give for Good charitable giving feature differ from a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)? 

Most DAFs have a significant minimum amount required to open (sometimes as high as $25,000) and charge balance-based fees. Eastern Give for Good: 

  • Has no minimum or maximum and is free to you to access as an Eastern Bank customer.  

  • Requires no fees be covered by you or the charity for the donation, so the charity gets 100% of your contribution.  

  • Makes it easy to find and discover great organizations, stores your tax receipts and donation history all in one place, and provides optional social capabilities that are built into the experience. 


How exactly does giving via the Eastern Give for Good feature work? 

Eastern Give for Good is a feature for charitable giving that offers an immediate tax benefit and the flexibility to support your preferred charities right away or over time. When you add funds to Eastern Give for Good, they are temporarily with a foundation that supports non-profits called America’s Charities. They issue you a tax receipt when you add funds– so you don’t have to wait until you have chosen a charity to receive a tax receipt. Once you choose to distribute the funds to a particular charity or charities, they are transferred to them.  

Note: You may be assessed fees by your financial institution if there are insufficient funds to cover a transfer of funds into your Eastern Give for Good feature. 


What are some reasons customers use Eastern Give for Good? 

Reasons include: 

  • To give at their own pace – whether that means planning their giving for the year, or making one-time or recurring contributions; 

  • To digitize and simplify their giving experience – with tax receipts and history all in one place; 

  • To take advantage of a DAF-like feature with no fees and added benefits like the abilities to: give to nearly any recognized 501c3 non-profit, interact with others who give, and learn about any of over one million causes or organizations folks in the community are supporting. 

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