Equal Exchange CD

Eastern Bank has partnered with Equal Exchange Co-op1, a Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate merchant to offer a special 3-year CD.  If you are looking to earn a competitive CD rate while helping Equal Exchange provide over 30 farmer cooperatives in 16 countries with a fair price for their crops, this is the option for you.

Features and Benefits
  • $500 minimum to open.
  • 36 Month Term.
  • Guaranteed fixed rate for the entire term.
  • Each Equal Exchange CD increases the available funds in a line of credit used by the Equal Exchange Co-op to purchase Fair Trade coffee, tea, and cocoa.*
  • For more information, visit the Equal Exchange Co-Op website.


* By participating in the Equal Exchange CD program, you are pledging your CD as collateral for a loan that the Bank is making to the Equal Exchange Co-op.  If Equal Exchange Co-op defaults on its loan to the Bank, the proceeds in your Equal Exchange CD will be used by the Bank to cover any outstanding obligations of Equal Exchange Co-Op under its loan. Therefore, you could lose some or all of your money if Equal Exchange Co-op defaults on its loan.

Equal Exchange CD Rate



Interest Rate

Method of Compounding

Minimum Opening Deposit

3-year Personal CD






* Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of 03/14/18 and is subject to change at any time. Minimum balance to obtain APY is $10.00. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. 

Account Fees 

Monthly fee $0
Minimum balance to waive fee N/A

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For more information on how to open an Equal Exchange CD, email us or call Sotheary Fennell at (617) 897-1035.

  1. Equal Exchange, Inc. is not affiliated with Eastern Bank.