George Avery

Vice President, Eastern Bank Wealth Management

George is a Vice President with Eastern Bank Wealth Management, working closely with successful business owners, founders and real estate developers who seek customized guidance in opening the breadth of opportunities derived from seasoned wealth management. George serves as a dedicated resource to help ensure that the assets our clients have worked so hard to accumulate can be sustained for their lifetime and for generations to come.

Professional Experience
Mr. Avery has a commercial lending background and understands the value of strategic advice in managing the requirements of large and complex balance sheets. Mr. Avery can be instrumental in the planning of pre-exit approaches that help business owners make the most of transaction events. Mr. Avery is particularly interested in easing their transition from managing the operation of an enterprise to being the CEO of a family’s accumulated wealth and he believes that educating clients is fundamental to gaining their confidence and have developed a talent for distilling complex concepts into terms they can understand.

Mr. Avery’s career spans more than a decade and has made it a mission to deepen his understanding of the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals and his considerable strengths include custom credit, business lending, traditional and alternative investments, personal and institutional financial analysis.

Mr. Avery can be reached at (781)-947-0316 or by email at [email protected].