Portfolio Management

The foundation of our investment philosophy is a core commitment to developing a deep and long-term relationship with our clients. Our experienced team of financial professionals take the time to understand our clients’ needs and delivers unbiased financial advice and expertise.

We combine this with a level of personalized service that many clients simply cannot get from larger investment firms, and with capabilities that are beyond the scope of what boutique firms can offer. For over 200 years, everything we do revolves around our client relationships. We remain committed to consistent organic growth, exemplary corporate social responsibility, and superior customer service.

Portfolio Management

We focus on managing risk, not chasing returns.
We start with strategic and tactical asset allocation.
We mix individual stocks & bonds with mutual funds & ETFs.
We are firm believers in the virtue of patient investing.
The specific investment strategies we use are tailored for each individual client because your objectives and risk profile (not ours) that must determine how we invest your money. We customize portfolios along multiple dimensions:

  • Risk Profile
  • Asset Allocation: Equity, Fixed Income, Cash
  • Geography: Global, Domestic
  • Income Requirements: Growth,  Income
  • Values: Standard, Sustainable, Climate Change, Religious

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