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Our clients entrust us to manage their financial assets, and we think it’s important to share our thoughts and philosophies about how we do so.

On Our Minds

The On Our Minds series of investment commentaries is our way of communicating our insights into timely issues that affect our clients.

Flying Off a Cliff (03/01/2023)

Cash Conundrum (02/13/2023)

Hit the Reset Button (01/18/2023)

Does This Rally Have Legs (11/28/2022)

Trick-or-Treating in the Stock Market (10/31/2022)

Midterms and the Markets (09/19/2022)

Jerome Powell's Wake-Up Call (08/28/2022)

Bad Habits and Bear Markets (07/22/2022)

Tackling Inflation with Recession (06/21/2022)

On Fundamentals and Valuations (05/19/2022)

Can the Fed Tame Inflation (04/21/2022)

Breathing Through the Smoke and Fire (03/15/2022)

Playing Out the Ukraine Hypotheticals (02/17/2022)

The View from the Crow's Nest (01/24/2022)

Making Sense of the Fed's Pivot (12/17/2021)

More Thoughts about Inflation (11/24/2021)

The Fed's High Wire Act (11/15/2021)

Another False Alarm (09/23/2021)

Too Many Jobs, Too Few Jobs (08/26/2021)

Bemused by the Bond Market (07/22/2021)

Taking Stock of the Stock Market (06/18/2021)

Modern Monetary Mishegoss (05/10/2021)

Inflation Mirage or Menace (04/01/2021)

What's a Trillion Dollars Among Friends (02/18/2021)

Sweet Investment (02/10/2021)

Walking Around Blind (01/20/2021)

The Great Value Rotation (12/01/2020)

The Morning After (11/04/2020)

Trump-Biden Comparison (10/13/2020)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame (09/29/2020)

Reasons to be Cheerful (08/26/2020)

An Oil Minister's Lament (07/15/2020)

Connections and Disconnections (06/15/2020)

Grendel in Hiding (05/19/2020)

Four Questions (04/13/2020)

The Fear Pandemic (03/23/2020)

Coronavirus Comes to America (03/06/2020)

Coronavirus Blues (02/25/2020)

Muni Bonds Miss the Mark (02/13/2020)

2020 Foresight: Keeping the Faith (01/01/2020)

Does Wall Street Care About the Election (12/02/2019)

All Hail the American Consumer (11/07/2019)

Feed the Ducks (09/26/2019)

Negative Interest Rates (09/10/2019)

Bad Moon Rising (08/19/2019)

Notes from the Jury Box (06/20/19)

Looking to the East (05/20/19)

Beware the Ides of April (04/15/19)

Anarchy in the UK (02/25/19)

Take a Look Ahead (1/18/19)

Tauricide (12/26/18)

Don't Feed the Bears (12/12/18)

ESG Sustainability (12/05/18)

Thinking About Tomorrow (10/11/18)

Sweet and Sour Pickles (10/01/18)

Facebook Faces the Music and Dances a New Tune (07/30/18)

Trade War An Enemy of All Mankind (06/25/18)

Much Ado About Nothing Much (06/18/2018)

About that Tax Cut (5/30/2018)

Earnings Growth on Fire (4/30/2018)

Every Picture Tells a Story (2/7/2018)

Turn the Page (1/18/2018)

Investing in a New Tax Regime (12/27/2017)

Magic on Pennsylvania Avenue (11/7/2017)

Taking Care of Business (10/13/2017)

Welcome Back My Friends (9/5/2017)

Aladdin’s Lamp (7/31/2017)

Long and Short of Fed Policy (6/19/2017)

Should We Fear the Fear Gauge (5/31/2017)

Widespread Panic (5/18/2017)

Life Is a Long Song (5/9/2017)

Masochism Tango (3/27/2017)

Up, Up and Away in My Bond Balloon (3/13/2017)

Are Stock Investors Too Complacent? (3/1/2017)

Long Strange Trip Ahead (1/20/2017)

For What It's Worth (12/27/2016)

Election Aftermath (11/09/2016)