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Government Banking 

We are the only Massachusetts-based bank that includes all facets of municipal banking in its core service offerings. Through our Government Banking, Capital Markets and Financial Advisory businesses, Eastern Bank fulfills a comprehensive commitment to municipal and government entities. Our unique position as a large regional bank headquartered in Boston, combined with our responsiveness and personal attention, allows us to deliver superior municipal banking services.

A full range of services for cities, towns and counties
Our size gives us the ability to offer a full array of deposit, investment and cash management products. Plus, our team of professionals will use their knowledge of the unique needs of municipal customers to customize a package of products best suited to your needs.

Municipal Account Services
  Goverment Banking Overview
  Collections - Lockbox
  Trust Escrow Account
  Municipal Finance and Government Banking at Eastern Bank
  Select Vendor and Payroll Accounts

Cash Management Services
Our state-of-the-art systems and performance monitoring capabilities enable us to consistently meet the needs of our customers.

  Investment and Cash Utilization Services
  Collection and Concentration Services
  Disbursement Services
  Account Reconciliation
  Information Services

Learn more about our Cash Management services.

Online Banking
At Eastern Bank, we understand that every business needs to stay on top of its cash flow. We also understand that businesses don't all have the same banking needs. That's why we offer Eastern TreasuryConnect,® a modular online cash management banking solution that gives you the ability to view account information, transfer funds and initiate or collect payments easily and quickly.   Learn more.

Paymode-X® is a business to business closed payment network that provides digital invoicing, digital remittance and e-invoicing technology. Call 1-800-427-8444 to learn more.

Contact Eastern Bank today
A Government Banking Officer will help design a package of services that’s specifically tailored for your city or town. For more information, please call 1-800-427-8444.