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A wedding requires careful planning, but no one can prevent an unforeseen event from happening. To protect you, we offer Wedding Insurance through Travelers Insurance Company.

Features and Benefits:

  Covers the cost if the bridal salon loses your dress, your caterer backs out, severe weather rolls in or other similar events occur. Wedding insurance can protect your special day.

  Available for as little as $160.

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To learn more about this valuable protection and request a quote, call 800-876-5510.

Do you collect historic firearms, memorabilia, artifacts, or other items? We offer Firearms/Collectibles Insurance Protection to give you peace of mind.

Features and Benefits:

  Coverage is available for a variety of collectibles, including uniforms, battle flags, swords, artwork, historic artifacts and memorabilia.

  Recognized by many associations, including:
        - Parker Arms Society
        - Living History Association
        - New England Antique Arms Society
        - National Gun Day/Great Eastern Show
        - North-South Skirmish Association
        - New Hampshire Arms Collectors Association

  At Eastern Insurance, we work with top carriers that specialize in writing policies for homeowners and rare or historic articles of value throughout the world.

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To assist us in providing a quote, please complete our Questionnaire and Inventory List.

Please submit your completed Questionnaire and Inventory List via fax at 508-647-3266 or by email to: [email protected].

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To learn more about this valuable protection, visit our Historic Firearms and Collectibles site or call toll-free 800-545-9326.