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Growing Your Portfolio 

At Eastern Bank Wealth Management, we take a unique approach to financial planning – one that focuses on your total financial picture, not just your investments. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to take a holistic view and plan for your needs – at each stage of life.

That’s why we offer a planning approach that considers the 12 key wealth management issues, which cover everything from optimizing insurance protection and debt management to planning for retirement, disability or business succession. It’s this approach that allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that will help you maximize and preserve the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate and reach your long-term goals.


When you choose Eastern Bank Wealth Management, you’ll have access to unique benefits, including:

  A proven 200-year heritage of service, strength, and stability.   Client retention rates are at the highest end of comparative benchmarks.

  A holistic philosophy and consultative approach that addresses all your wealth management issues to keep you on track in meeting your goals.

  Unparalleled service delivered by an experienced, credentialed Account Manager.

  Access to proprietary, proven, top-tier investment management through the Investment Team at Eastern Bank Wealth Management.

  Deep expertise in global asset allocation, stocks, bonds, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance needs, educational funding, and other investment, deposit and credit solutions.


To ensure that we deliver the appropriate customized solutions to meet your needs, we offer an interactive planning approach that’s always focused on your goals.

We begin by gaining an understanding of your specific issues and determining your financial goals and relevant time horizon. Then through dialogue and analysis, we determine your risk and return preferences.

Based on our understanding of your situation and preferences, we recommend a customized financial solution to meet your goals.

After meeting with you to review our recommendations, we implement the agreed-upon strategy.

Once your customized program is initiated, we meet with you periodically to review your plan and to stay up to date on events that may require a change or adjustment to your plan.

We collaborate with your outside advisors, such as your attorney and CPA, to ensure the effectiveness of your planned strategy within your total financial framework.


When you become a client of Eastern Bank Wealth Management, you will work directly with an experienced Account Officer.  You can rely on your Account Officer to:

  Take the time to get to know you and to understand your needs, goals and investment style.

  Create a comprehensive plan that is responsive to your needs.  The plan may include investment management, trusts and lending services.

  Coordinate the various financial services you require with experts across our organization.

  Maintain regular contact, working with you to adjust and maintain your plan as your goals and circumstances evolve.

  Make it easy for you to get the expertise you need and the personal service you expect.

Meet Our Client Services Team
Click the names below to view team member profiles. 

William J. Walsh, CFP

Senior Vice President, Director of Wealth Management

Michael Tyler, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Lori B. Evans, CFP

Senior Vice President

Thomas J. Furlong, Jr.

Senior Vice President

Julianne S. Lindsay

Senior Vice President

James E. Rich, Jr., CTFA

Senior Vice President

David R. Sawyer, CFP

Senior Vice President

Susan Kravetz Syversen, CFP

Senior Vice President

James Bonfanti

Vice President

Lawrence G. Brown

Vice President

Margaret Cashman, CFP

Vice President

John F. Doherty, CFP, CTFA

Vice President

Christine A. Drew, CTFA

Vice President

Lucille T. Duval

Vice President

Daniel P. Hover, CFP, CTFA, CRPC

Vice President

Ryan C. Martin

Vice President

Charles P. Nelson, Jr., CFP, CFTA

Vice President

David Olaksen, CFA, CFP

Vice President

Edward Rowell

Vice President

Bridget A. Spencer

Vice President

Maureen M. Trefry, CFP

Vice President

Ryan P. van Luling, CFP, MST, CRPC

Vice President

To learn more about how we can help you protect your wealth, call 617-897-1132.