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Protecting Your Wealth 

Preserve and protect your wealth with our Trust Services

When you’ve worked a lifetime building wealth, it’s critical to protect it and ensure that your long-term goals are achieved. At Eastern Bank Wealth Management, we provide customized fiduciary service, solutions, and expertise to help you carry out your wishes.


When you choose Eastern Bank Wealth Management, you’ll have access to:

  A company with a 200-year history of providing trust expertise and services.

  A dedicated Relationship Manager – an experienced and credentialed professional who will manage your financial relationship and connect you with the specialized experts and services you require.

  Sophisticated wealth planning services. 

  An opportunity to integrate tax management into your full financial framework.


We offer a wide range of fiduciary services, including:

Estate settlement

Revocable trust and irrevocable trust management

Comprehensive planning

Investment management with a track record of success

Charitable giving solutions


At Eastern Bank Wealth Management, you’ll have access to a team with a high level of fiduciary and investment management expertise.  We are an experienced and proven organization that has been working with families for multiple generations.  We have hundreds of families that have been trust clients for many decades.

Exceptional Communication
Your Relationship Manager will meet with you frequently, assess your portfolio and review your needs as your life changes.

Meet Our Client Services Team
Click the names below to view team member profiles. 

William J. Walsh, CFP

Senior Vice President, Director of Wealth Management

Michael Tyler, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Lori B. Evans, CFP

Senior Vice President

Thomas J. Furlong, Jr.

Senior Vice President

Julianne S. Lindsay

Senior Vice President

James E. Rich, Jr., CTFA

Senior Vice President

David R. Sawyer, CFP

Senior Vice President

Susan Kravetz Syversen, CFP

Senior Vice President

James Bonfanti

Vice President

Kathryn Boyle  

Vice President

Lawrence G. Brown

Vice President

Margaret Cashman, CFP

Vice President

John F. Doherty, CFP, CTFA

Vice President

Christine A. Drew, CTFA

Vice President

Lucille T. Duval

Vice President

Daniel P. Hover, CFP, CTFA, CRPC

Vice President

Ryan C. Martin

Vice President

Charles P. Nelson, Jr., CFP, CFTA

Vice President

David Olaksen, CFA, CFP

Vice President

Edward Rowell

Vice President

Maureen M. Trefry, CFP

Vice President

Ryan van Luling, CFP, CRPC

Vice President

Bridget A. Spencer

Trust Officer

To learn more about how we can help you protect your wealth, call 617-897-1132.