Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the merger between Cambridge Trust and Eastern Bank happening?

The merger between Cambridge Trust and Eastern Bank creates the opportunity for two banks with a shared commitment to the communities we serve to come together. The combined bank will be able to offer all our customers access to more robust banking capabilities, including expanded banking and wealth management solutions, enhanced product offerings, and access to more than 100 combined banking locations.

Will the Cambridge Trust staff remain in place?

All Cambridge Trust branch employees will be retained. Over time and as branch consolidations happen, we will work to reassign colleagues by combining teams from both banks in order to best serve customers with familiar relationship management teams.

Will all Cambridge Trust branches stay open following the merger with Eastern Bank?

Most of the Cambridge Trust branches will remain open following the merger with Eastern Bank. However, due to overlap in some markets, the Cambridge Trust Andover, MA, Newton, MA, and Bedford, NH branches will close permanently. The nearest Eastern Bank locations are all under a mile away from the three closing branches.

What will happen to Wealth Management relationships at Cambridge Trust?

If you currently have a wealth management relationship with Cambridge Trust, this relationship will remain with Cambridge Trust. In the coming months the Cambridge Trust and Eastern Bank Wealth Management teams will join together under the Cambridge Trust brand. More information will be available in the coming months.

Will my account number stay the same?

Most account numbers are not changing. Please see your enclosed Account Summary for a listing of how your account(s) will transition to Eastern Bank following conversion weekend. If your account number is changing, a representative from Cambridge Trust will contact you prior to the merger to work with you to change your account number.

What will happen to any direct deposits going into my current Cambridge Trust account, including payroll, social security, or other direct deposits?

Any direct deposits, including payroll and Social Security, that you currently have set up with Cambridge Trust will automatically transition to your new Eastern Bank account, as identified in your Account Summary.

Can I continue to use my Cambridge Trust checks?

Yes, you will be able to continue to use your current Cambridge Trust checks following the merger with Eastern Bank. If you would like to order new Eastern Bank checks, please call 1-800-EASTERN (327-8376) at any time following completion of the merger with Eastern Bank. You may also place a check order at your nearest branch.

Will I receive a new ATM or debit card?

No new ATM/Debit Cards will be issued prior to the merger. Please continue to use your current Cambridge Trust ATM/Debit Card through its expiration date. Prior to expiration, a new Eastern Bank ATM or Debit Card Mastercard® will be issued.

Will my debit card limit change?

Yes, all Cambridge Trust ATM/Debit Cards will adopt Eastern Bank’s limits. Eastern Bank assigns a total limit per calendar day, which may include any combination of purchases, ATM withdrawals, and cash advances. Please refer to the Personal Deposit Account Agreement to view the limits.

What will happen to automatic/recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions) that I make with my debit card?

Any automatic/recurring debit card payments will continue until your Cambridge Trust debit card expires and you are issued a new Eastern Bank Debit Mastercard®. In addition, any online merchants for which you have saved your debit card information will continue to be valid.

Will my digital wallet continue to work?

Eastern Bank offers Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay.* If your card is already in one of those wallets, it will continue to work with your Cambridge Trust card. When you are issued a new Eastern Bank Debit Mastercard®, you will need to remove the old Cambridge Trust card and add the new Eastern Bank card at that time.

Will my Cambridge Trust credit cards be affected by this change?

No, you will retain your existing cards and may use them as desired.

Will my deposit accounts continue to be FDIC-insured?

The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership category. See for more information.


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