Merchant Services

Accepting credit and debit cards is one of the most effective ways to make your business competitive and improve your bottom line. To help you capitalize on this opportunity, Eastern Bank, together with Worldpay, one of the nation’s top payment processors, provides your business with the tools it needs to process electronic payments. With Worldpay, you’ll have access to a wide range of processing services and flexible options that will help you:

  • Offer your customers greater convenience by accepting most major credit and debit cards.
  • Build customer loyalty and increase repeat business.
  • Increase revenue and cash flow by depositing funds faster.

Connecting your business with simplified payments, technology, and easy-to-use tools to help you grow.

Eastern Bank offers more efficient and streamlined payment processing tailored to fit your unique business needs. Eastern Bank has partnered with Worldpay to bring you the future of payments to help your business succeed.

From the largest retailers in the U.S. to the coffee shop down the street, Worldpay is leading the transformation in payments — including chip-enabled cards, mobile wallets, eCommerce, and other payment technology — to businesses of all sizes. We will assess your needs and work with you to customize a solution that is right for your business.

With Worldpay, you can securely accept the most common payment types and card brands, while enjoying reliable uptime and real-time transaction viewing, all backed by superior customer support. Get the peace of mind you need so you can focus on your business.

  • EMV/Chip card processing
  • Credit and debit card acceptance
  • Payment devices
  • Mobile payment acceptance
  • Electronic check services
  • Gift cards
  • Data security programs
  • eCommerce
  • Online reporting and data analytics
  • Recurring payments
  • Electronic Benefit Transfer
  • Superior customer support, 24/7/365