Voice ID - Your Unique Voiceprint

Accessing your account information by phone just got easier.

Now when you call 1-800-EASTERN, you can do your banking faster and more securely thanks to our new Voice ID technology. You won't have to go through the usual security question process or need to find information about your account.

Our new technology authenticates your voice as you speak naturally with an Eastern Bank customer service representative. So you can get right to the reason you called without the wait.


Call now to set up Voice ID.

Just call 1-800-EASTERN (327-8376) to speak to customer service to record your voice.

  • Simple to use - The next time you call, your voice will be your main identification.
  • Faster service - No need to take the time to find lengthy transaction information.
  • More secure - Voice ID matches your unique voiceprint using what's called voice biometrics to verify it's you.

Eastern Bank is the first bank in North America to bring you this innovative service – powered by Nuance, a world leader in speech software. 1 It's one more way we put you first. 


1Nuance Communications, Inc. is a non-affiliated third-party service provider.