Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are looking to acquire, develop or re-position a multi-family property, office building, retail center, or other commercial property, Eastern Bank has the experience to assist you in executing on your plan.  Our seasoned Commercial Real Estate Relationship Team will work with you to develop customized financing to assist you with real estate acquisitions, refinancing, or new construction. 

We offer:

  • A wide range of options, including fixed and variable rate loans.
  • Expertise in forsale housing, multi-family housing, all types of office, industrial and warehouse, hospitality properties, and, retail developments.
  • Access to highly sophisticated treasury services and deposit products specifically designed for the Commercial Real Estate Industry.


Term Loans.  Purchase or refinance a stabilized property with an Eastern Bank fixed rate loan.  Terms are available up to 10 years with a 25 to 30-year amortization schedule.

Construction Loans.  Finance the ground-up construction or renovation of all property types with an Eastern Bank construction loan.  Terms are generally available up 3 years and can include a term loan option at construction completion and stabilization.

Interim Loans.  Finance the re-positioning of all property types with an Eastern Bank interim loan. Terms are generally available up to 3 years with an option of a term loan at stabilization.

How to Apply:

Contact Nick Moise at (617) 897-1032 or [email protected]


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