Eastern Bank Personal Loans

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Eastern Bank Personal Loans

Eastern Bank offers personal loans at great rates for funding life’s big moments, consolidating high-interest debt like credit cards or covering unexpected expenses. At Eastern Bank, we do good things to help people prosper… See how a personal loan from Eastern Bank can help you achieve your financial goals!   

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A personal loan from Eastern Bank features a low fixed rate1 that provides peace of mind since your monthly payments will be consistent throughout the life of the loan. Easy to budget, a personal loan enables you to pay for an unexpected expense or a planned big purchase, or pay off credit cards at a lower interest rate. An Eastern Personal Loan is a great way to pay for whatever life sends your way.


What will you do with your personal loan?

Credit Card

Pay Off Credit Cards

Home Renovation

Fund Home Improvements

Wedding Rings

Pay for Life's Big Moments

Eastern Personal Loan

$15,000 Balance

9.99% Interest Rate

3 Years to Pay Off Loan3

$2,422 Total Interest Paid

$483.94 Monthly Payment

Credit Card Debt

$15,000 Balance

21.10% Interest Rate2

3 Years to Pay Off Loan

$5,316 Total Interest Paid

$570.00 Avg. Monthly Payment

Savings with an Eastern Personal Loan


Sample for illustrative purposes only.

Your savings may be more or less than what is displayed here.


Get an Eastern Bank Personal Loan at a Great Rate


9.99% to 16.99%1


12 to 60 months


Minimum: $2,000 

Maximum: $25,000


No origination fee, annual fee or prepayment penalty fee

1 As of 5/1/2024 your APR may be as low as 9.49% or as high as 16.99%. To qualify for the lowest rate, applicants must have excellent credit as defined by Eastern Bank, apply for a 12-month term and be an Eastern Bank Premier or Eastern Bank Select customer. Lowest rate assumes a 0.50% auto-pay discount from an Eastern Premier or Select checking account. Applicants without an Eastern Premier or Eastern Select checking account can receive a 0.25% auto-pay discount with another Eastern Bank checking account. Personal Loan terms range and are available from 12 to 60 months. Minimum loan amount is $2,000; maximum loan amount is $25,000.

The annual percentage rate (APR) is what credit costs a borrower each year, expressed as a percentage of the loan amount.

All financing is subject to credit approval.



National average of credit card APR as of 10/11/2023 (source: creditcards.com). Credit card example assumes minimum monthly credit card payment of $570. (source: creditcards.com/calculators).

Personal loan example assumes no interest rate discounts, equal number of payments and no pre-payments.