Commercial & Industrial Lending

Having access to affordable credit is one of the greatest challenges for businesses today. Eastern Bank is proud to deliver a wide range of commercial lending solutions to help companies – across all industries – improve cash flow, increase efficiencies, and build for the future.  Our experienced commercial lenders will take the time to understand your cash flow and growth challenges, and will work with you to provide the right lending solutions.

You can count on us to deliver:

  • Experienced, local service. Our seasoned lenders understand business and live and work in your marketplace, giving you a powerful competitive advantage.
  • Flexibility. We have increased underwriting flexibility, allowing us to deliver the loan program you require.
  • Stability. Founded in 1818, we remain independent and have a long-term commitment to the region.
  • Convenient online access. You can access funds and make payments via Eastern TreasuryTM.


Seasonal Working Capital / Lines of Credit. Boost seasonal cash flow and have access to affordable financing when you need it with our revolving lines of credit. 

Equipment and Term Loans. Purchase inventory or business equipment with our fixed-rate term loans. Terms are available for up to 10 years.  

Owner-Occupied Mortgages. Purchase or expand your corporate real estate with our long-term mortgage loans.


How to Apply:

Contact Gregory Buscone at (617) 897-1097 or [email protected].