Community Development Lending

At Eastern Bank we strive to be far more than just a good bank; we want to be the bank that does good. To help fund the development of affordable housing and support the credit needs of non-profits in our local communities, we created the Community Development Lending Group. Our seasoned team of lending professionals are experts at providing construction and real estate financing, underwriting working capital lines of credit and creating multi-layered leverage loans for both New Market and Low- Income Housing Tax Credit projects and tax-exempt bond financing. 

With our Community Development Lending Group, Eastern Bank is doing our part to -

  • Develop housing solutions for low to-moderate income families and individuals investing both debt and equity.
  • Support the credit needs of private and charter schools, health care providers, and a wide range of social service organizations in our communities.
  • Provide financing tailored to suit large solar power generating facilities. 
  • Meet the needs of nonprofits with highly sophisticated treasury services and deposit products.


Term Loans.  Purchase or refinance owner-occupied property with an Eastern Bank fixed rate loan.  Terms are available up to 10 years and a 25-30 year amortization schedule and may qualify for tax-exempt financing.

Construction Loans.  Finance the ground-up construction or renovation of affordable housing, senior housing, and facilities for non-profit users.  Terms are generally available for up to 2 years and can include a term loan option at construction completion.

Lines of credit.  Finance fundraising timing gaps and capital campaigns or bridge tax-credit equity investments.

How to Apply:

To speak with a lender or to apply, contact Pam Feingold at (617) 295-0625 or [email protected].