Eastern Business Online & Mobile Banking

Eastern Business Online & Mobile Banking

Every business, regardless of its size, needs to maximize efficiencies. Eastern Bank is pleased to offer a range of efficient solutions to help you manage your everyday banking and control your cash flow where ever you want.  

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Eastern Business Banking™

Eastern Business BankingTM is specifically designed to meet your business needs, offering basic capabilities such as viewing account balances and activity, accessing monthly statements, transferring funds between Eastern Bank accounts and paying bills. And as your business grows, Eastern Business BankingTM can grow with you, giving you the ability to initiate wire transfers including electronic payroll and tax payments.

Eastern Treasury™

At Eastern Bank, we understand that every business needs to stay on top of its cash flow. We also understand that businesses don't all have the same banking needs. That's why we offer Eastern TreasuryTM, a modular online cash management banking solution that gives you the power to manage cash flow.

Online Banking with Intuit QuickBooks®

If you use QuickBooks accounting software we can help you seamlessly download your account information, saving you valuable time. We offer a direct interface to QuickBooks so that you can download and reconcile your accounts.

Pinacle® FX

If you require foreign exchange services, our Pinacle FX Internet platform lets you conveniently and securely perform foreign exchange transactions online, giving you greater control and efficiency in your pre-trade, trade, and post-trade processes.