Intuit QuickBooks

For QuickBooks® users, there are two digital offerings you should take advantage of:

Digital Banking for Business with Intuit QuickBooks® and Monit

With Monit, you can easily link to your Quickbooks account software and Business Banking Account with Eastern Digital Banking for Business.

Features and Benefits of Business Online Banking with Intuit QuickBooks®
  • Download transaction activity for your Eastern Bank accounts.
  • Establish income and expense categories for your banking transactions.
  • Transfer funds between Eastern Bank accounts.
  • Make electronic bill payments to anyone in the U.S. 
  • View pending bill payments.
  • Avoid late or missed payments by scheduling bill pay transactions in advance.
  • Change or cancel pending bill payments.
  • Create business reports and graphs.

Monit: A Mobile-Friendly Financial Assistant For Business Owners

Monit is provided to Eastern Bank business customers as a complimentary benefit of banking with us. It connects securely to your accounting software to give you the insights and future projections you need to better manage your business today and in the future. It also includes a tool that helps you see the impact of future business events or decisions before you make them.

Manage your business anytime, anywhere with Monit™

Introducing a digital financial assistant that gives you the numbers that matter most.

  • Automated cashflow forecasting
  • Actionable insights for your business
  • Real-time planning tools, such as a PPP calculator to help you project and optimize forgiveness