Meet Monit™

A mobile-friendly financial assistant built for (and by) small business owners like you. Complimentary for all Eastern Bank Business Customers.


What is Monit?

Monit is a financial navigator that aims to give business owners get peace of mind and confidence around their financials and future decisions. By connecting Monit to their accounting software, business owners will be able to access future projection features, can benchmark themselves against the competition, and view smart predictions and recommendations tailored to their business.


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Benchmark your business against others

See how your business stacks up in key metrics against others nearby or in your industry:

  • Debt to asset ratio
  • Net profit / net profit margin
  • Expenses (e.g., marketing, rent, payroll, interest, etc.)
  • Headcount
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Actionable key numbers

View or act on your current business financials (like key accounts) on-the-go, or view cash flow anytime, anywhere.

  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Cash on hand
  • Revenue & profit
  • Accounts receivable & payable
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Future decision projector

Share a potential event or decision with Monit, and see the potential future impact on your business financials. Example decisions could include.

  • Staffing changes such as new hires
  • Expense decreases and/or increases
  • Revenue gains and losses


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Personal insights & suggestions

Get smart insights to help you make more informed decisions based on your own business and industry.

  • Recommended timing for investments/lines of credit
  • Profit enhancement or expense minimization opportunities
  • Special product or service offerings
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​​​Get an estimate of what your business is worth today!

  • Low-end and high-end estimates
  • May help you make informed decisions about growth, investment, or succession planning opportunities


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Monit is available exclusively to Eastern business customers and for a limited time, non-customers can try it for three months.1

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1The offer of free access to Monit for businesses who are not currently customers of Eastern Bank includes 3 months of access to Monit using the promotional code: EBGift. After 3 months, non-customers can continue to leverage Monit if they become an Eastern Bank business customer. Otherwise, the business should contact Monit to learn about other ways to access.

Monit is offered through Signal Financial Technologies. Signal is a third-party service provider and not an affiliate of Eastern Bank.