Eastern Bank Corporation is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet nine times per year and who are elected by the Corporators. The duties and responsibilities of the Trustees and Corporators are specified by state law and the Bylaws of the Corporation. Members of the Board of Trustees are also Corporators and are the same individuals who make up the Eastern Bank Board of Directors. 

Eastern Bank also has a Board of Advisors, members of which are also Corporators. These individuals serve as community ambassadors for Eastern and centers of influence in the communities Eastern serves.


Richard C. Bane

Luis A. Borgen

Joseph T. Chung

Paul M. Connolly

Bari A. Harlam

Diane Hessan

Richard E. Holbrook

Deborah C. Jackson

Peter K. Markell

Robert F. Rivers

Greg A. Shell

Paul D. Spiess