Security Overview

Eastern Bank’s Commitment to Keep Your Information Safe:

Boost Your Defenses Against Online Fraud

Your internet banking account is valuable to fraudsters. That’s why criminals are always looking for new ways to get your online banking details and penetrate your account. Anti-virus and firewalls can’t always detect the latest attacks, leaving you vulnerable.

Trusteer Ltd ("Trusteer") is a leading provider of web access services that protect internet/web communications between banks and their customers. Trusteer’s software, Rapport, is a recommended method of enhancing web security for your online banking needs. Trusteer is not owned by or affiliated with Eastern Bank but is an independent third-party provider of web-based security services.

To protect you against online fraud, please take a moment to download Rapport, the dedicated online banking security software from the professionals at Trusteer. It only takes a few minutes to download and install, and there’s no need to restart your computer.

Trusteer Rapport is designed to:

  • Shield your online bank account from prying eyes.
  • Safeguard your online banking identity.
  • Protect your internet banking login details.
  • Help Eastern Bank’s fraud team stop malicious attempts against you.

Eastern Bank is not responsible for the downloading, installation or maintenance of the Rapport software on your computer or other electronic device and does not guarantee or warrant the effectiveness or success of the service. In addition, your use of the Rapport software creates a contractual relationship between you and Trusteer.

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) maintains a web site ( that provides guidance regarding steps a business or consumer may take to further protect against identity theft. Additional information can be found at including this free brochure Start with Security: A Guide for Business.