Frequently Asked Questions


It’s your money. Save SUM®!

What is the SUM program?
Eastern Bank has partnered with the SUM program administered by NYCE Payments Network, LLC. Our SUM program partnership means you can make ATM withdrawals for free at all SUM ATMs throughout the country.

What is a surcharge? How is it different from the fee that Eastern Bank may charge for withdrawals at a non-Eastern Bank ATM?
A surcharge fee is the fee charged by the ATM owner when you use most non-Eastern Bank ATMs. The ATM owner will generally display this fee on the ATM and you must accept the fee before completing your transaction. This fee is waived when using a SUM program ATM.

Eastern Bank may also charge a fee for certain types of accounts when a customer uses a non-Eastern Bank ATM. This fee is waived at SUM ATMs. This fee does not apply for eZ Checking and Premier Checking accounts.

Do I need to sign up at Eastern Bank or is a “special” SUM ATM card required?
Your Eastern Bank ATM or Debit Mastercard® is automatically enrolled. No enrollment is required. Simply use your existing Eastern Bank ATM or debit card at any SUM ATM for free service.

How do I find a SUM ATM?
There are two convenient ways to locate SUM ATMs. So whether you’re at home planning a trip or on the road, you can easily find the nearest SUM ATMs. 

  • Use Eastern Bank's Mobile Banking app to search for a SUM ATM near you. 
  • Visit and search by address or zip code.

How many SUM ATMs are available?
There are thousands of SUM ATMs available nationwide. Use your Eastern Bank Mobile Banking app or visit to find participating SUM ATMs. SUM is growing and new ATMs are added as soon as the information is available. 

If another financial institution is a member of SUM, can I use all of their ATMs for free?
Every SUM member decides which ATMs participate in the program, so all ATMs of a particular member do not automatically participate. Be sure to look for the bright red SUM logo on or near the ATM.

The SUM website (or app) indicates that a certain ATM is in the SUM network, but when I go to that ATM machine, I don’t see the SUM logo.
The SUM website and app are updated regularly, but there may be some instances where a bank is changing the ATMs it has in the SUM network and the website or app have not yet been updated. Always look for the SUM logo to verify that an ATM is participating in SUM. Also, a SUM machine should not ask you to pay a surcharge for the transaction. If you receive an on-screen prompt alerting you of a surcharge for the transaction, you will be charged that fee by that bank.

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