Government Banking

Eastern Bank is the only Massachusetts-based government banking provider that offers a full range of deposit and cash management services. This comprehensive commitment to municipal and government entities, as well as our highly experienced and dedicated government banking staff, allows us to deliver superior municipal banking services and unparalleled customer service. 

To see why we have always been a top provider of innovative cash management, with a special expertise in municipal services and to design a package that’s specifically tailored for you, please contact a Government Banking Officer today at 1-800-427-8444.


Municipal Account Services

  • Vendor Account
  • Payroll Account
  • Depository, Money Market, and State Receipt Accounts
  • Municipal Trust Escrow Accounts

Cash Management Services

  • ACH
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Check Imaging
  • Online Banking
  • Positive Pay Services
  • Remote Check Deposit
  • Wholesale and Retail Lockbox
  • Wire Transfer Services


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Borrowing, Investment, and Insurance and Benefit Services

Capital Markets 

Eastern Wealth Management 

Eastern Insurance