Mobile Banking FAQs

Do I need to enroll in online banking to use mobile banking?

No.  If you download our mobile banking app, you can enroll in mobile banking.  At a later date, if you decide you would also like to use online banking, you can sign in to online banking using your mobile banking username and password.

Does mobile banking allow me to perform the same transactions that are available with online banking?

Mobile banking offers most of the same functionality as online banking; viewing account balances and transactions, making transfers and bill payments, and updating your contact information.  However, there are differences.  For example, mobile banking only allows you to make single bill payments; you do not have the ability to create a recurring bill payment that would be sent on a set frequency, such as monthly.

Can I sign in to mobile banking using Touch ID?

Yes.  Our mobile banking app for the iPhone allows you to quickly and easily sign in with Touch ID, which uses your phone’s fingerprint recognition feature.  If you prefer not to use Touch ID to access mobile banking, you can turn it off and continue signing in with your username and password.

Can I deposit checks with mobile banking?
Yes.  The mobile deposit feature allows you to deposit a check using your phone’s camera, eliminating trips to the branch or ATM.

How do I deposit a check using mobile deposit?
First, be sure to sign your check, and then sign in to the mobile banking app.  Select ‘Deposit’ from the menu of banking activities and follow the on-screen instructions.  You’ll need to choose the account to receive the deposit, enter the amount of the check and take photos of the front and back of the check; it’s that simple!

What types of checks can I deposit using mobile deposit?
You may deposit personal or business checks that are payable to you, drawn on a US bank and payable in US currency. Checks should be endorsed “For Deposit Only”.

When will the funds from my mobile deposit be available?
Funds from mobile deposits are not available for immediate withdrawal. They are made available according to our Funds Availability Policy, as outlined in the Personal Deposit Account Agreement that governs your deposit account.

What should I do with my paper check after submitting a mobile deposit?
Securely store the original check for two weeks in case more information or a new image is needed, and then destroy it.

Touch ID is a trademark of Apple, Inc.