Monit FAQs


What is Monit?

Monit is mobile-friendly financial assistant, built for (and by) business owners like you. Monit can help business owners project their cash flow and improve financial performance, all accessible using your mobile device.


How much does Monit cost?

Monit is free, compliments for being an Eastern Bank business customer.


What technology requirements are needed to use Monit?

Users are only required to have an Internet connection and a modern web browser. The app has been developed targeting the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge for desktop, and Safari/Chrome on iOS and Android.


How do I install Monit to my device?

If you are using this from your phone (which is recommended), make sure to click 'Add to Home Screen' when you are prompted from within your browser. This will install our application to your device. You can still access Monit from any browser even after it is added to your home screen, but it's a handy way to access the application.


What data do you use for Monit?

Monit connects and leverages data from your accounting package. Monit does not connect to data from your Eastern Bank accounts.


What accounting packages are compatible with Monit?

Monit can connect to Quickbooks Online and Xero today. We are in the process of adding additional packages. To inquire about a particular package or be notified when Monit will be able to integrate to other packages, email


How often does Monit update my data?

Monit updates your data once a day after we see anything new from QuickBooks Online. It may take 24 hours to reflect updated values if they have changed within the past day.


Can I log into Monit through my Eastern Bank account?

No, at this time you will need to log into Monit outside of your Eastern Bank account.

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