Our Vision, Mission and Values

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Our Vision

We envision a thriving regional economy and community where economic hierarchies are dismantled and systems of oppression based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, parental income, ZIP code or other elements of difference and resulting disparities are eliminated so that these distinctions are no longer predictors of economic outcomes for our neighbors.


Our Mission

We commit our full complement of resources to build strong, equitable and just communities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island by listening deeply, trusting the priorities voiced by our communities, and partnering for positive change that enhances the lives of our neighbors.


Our Values

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Collaboration and Teamwork

We embrace the expertise and efforts of our collaborators, including nonprofits, funders, policymakers, community leaders, companies and others that share our mission. We encourage shared learning and team problem solving.

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We are driven to see lasting change in the communities we serve and recognize that change takes persistence. We strive for impact, while recognizing that both successes and failures create lessons learned that can move the system forward. We act with integrity in all our endeavors.

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We are committed to remaining accessible and building and maintaining authentic ties with community stakeholders and employees to continuously learn from the field; connect, convene and recognize community champions; and support their capacity to effect positive change in our communities.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We hold Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as fundamental elements of a just society and central to all we do and how we do it. We celebrate and depend on our differences, champion a true sense of belonging for all, and empower the best contributions from us all.

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We support work both directly and indirectly that challenges norms and moves beyond the confines of what is known in service of our mission.


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