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Eastern Bank is here for you when you need help. Whether you're looking to pay-off those credit cards, go on that dream vacation, or pay for a big life expense, an Eastern Personal Loan can help you get the financing you need to make it possible. At Eastern Bank, our loans come with great rates, easy to use applications, and personal service from helpful representatives. 


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Personal Loan Personal Line of Credit

Rates as low as 6.99%-16.49%1

Prime plus 5.00%2

Terms up to 60 months

Terms up to 60 months

Revolving: interest-only monthly

(balance due in full at maturity)

Min: $2,000 | Max: $25,000

Min: $2,000 | Max: $50,000

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Other Ways to Apply

Additional Borrowing Options

Collateral Installment Loan

(secured by Eastern Bank Savings or CD)3

Term Secured Loan

(secured by Eastern Bank Savings or CD)

5.00% APR4

5.00% APR

Terms up to 48 months

Terms between 6 and 48 months

Revolving: interest-only monthly

(balance due in full at maturity)

Min: $2,000

Min: $2,000

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* There is a $50 annual fee for a Personal Line of Credit, which is waived for Eastern Bank Premier and Eastern Bank Select customers. There is also a late fee if payments are not received on time.

1. As of 4/1/2020 your APR may be as low as 6.99% or as high as 16.49%. To qualify for the lowest rate, applicants must have excellent credit as defined by Eastern Bank, apply for a 12-month term and be an Eastern Bank Premier or Eastern Bank Select customer. Lowest rate assumes a 1% auto-pay discount from an Eastern Premier or Select checking account. Applicants without an Eastern Premier or Eastern Select checking account can receive a 0.5% auto-pay discount with another Eastern Bank checking account. Personal Loan terms range and are available from 12 to 60 months. Minimum loan amount is $2,000; maximum loan amount is $25,000.

2. The interest rate adjusts monthly based on the Wall Street Journal prime rate for the life of the line (3.25% APR on 4/1/2020).

3. Collateral Installment Loans are secured by an Eastern Bank Savings, Money Market or CD. The loan amount can only be up to 90% of the available account balance. If secured by a CD, the maturity date must be greater than or equal to the maturity date for the loan.

4. Loan product qualifies for a discount.  On installment loans with a total term of 60 months or less, "Premier and Select" checking customers receive 1% discount with auto-pay from an Eastern Bank Premier and Select account. Other customers receive a .50% discount with auto-pay from an Eastern Bank account.

Consumer loan rates effective 4/1/2020.