For customers who wish to monitor their spending and create budgets, we support integration with Quicken® online banking software.

Features and Benefits

When you choose Eastern Bank Online for Quicken, you can:

  • Download transaction activity on your Eastern Bank accounts.
  • Establish expense and income categories for your banking transactions.
  • Transfer funds.
  • Make electronic bill payments.  
  • View pending bill payments.  
  • Set up recurring fixed-amount bill payments such as your mortgage.
  • Change or cancel pending bill payments.  
  • Create reports and graphs.
Trial Offer Get 3 months free
Monthly Fee $10
No fee for Premier Checking customers

You must have an Eastern Bank checking account to enroll in Online Banking for Quicken. 

Complete the Eastern Bank Online Enrollment Form and submit the application electronically. You can also obtain a paper copy at your nearest Eastern Bank branch.

Within five to seven business days of our receiving your Eastern Bank Online Enrollment Form, you may begin banking online.

If you do not have an Eastern Bank checking account, you can apply for one now using our online Checking Account Application