SecurLOCK™ Equip FAQs

Introduction and Registration

What is SecurLOCK Equip?

SecurLOCK Equip is a new mobile app that allows you to control how, when, and where your debit card is used. It is a simple and secure way to manage and monitor your debit card activity. SecurLOCK Equip can help keep your debit cards safe and provide instant notifications whenever your card is used.

Controls & Alerts

Once I register my cards, how do I begin managing and monitoring my payment activity?

You can begin using the service immediately. We recommend first trying the on/off feature. To use this click the green toggle button just below the card image where it says Card ON/OFF. This means that all transactions (except for recurring) will be declined. When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply click the toggle button again and it will turn the card back on, meaning it is available to use. It’s that easy. Now you have ultimate control to help combat fraud.

After you become comfortable with the on/off function, you can start selectively setting controls by channel (in-store, online, mobile, ATM, etc.). You can also set transaction spending limits, select geographic locations where the card can be used, set specific merchant categories, view recent transaction history, receive real-time alerts, and much more.

Managing the app

If I get a new smartphone, how do I begin using the service again?

Just download the app to your new smartphone and log in with your current user ID and password. You can then set your controls and alert preferences.

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