• Save with competitive rates.

• Use it for a variety of purposes, such as facility renovations, equipment purchases, additional working capital, seasonal cash flow or inventory financing.

• Borrow as much as you require up to your lending limit. As you repay your loan, those funds become available for future borrowing needs.

For customers who are expanding their business and may not have sufficient business assets to fully collateralize their loan, we offer a “Ready Cash” Line of Credit, under which a second mortgage on your primary residence may be used as a subordinate source of repayment.

Download an Application
• Application for loans under $100,0001  View PDF

• Application for loans $100,000 and over  View PDF

Note: immediately save the PDF and open it with Adobe Reader to prevent loss of information entered into the application.


For businesses that need lines of credit over $100,000, please contact one of the following:

For the North Region, Ryan Fullam at 631-988-0403 or r.fullam@easternbank.com

For the South Region, Kelly Mulholland at 603-391-9299 or k.mulholland@easternbank.com

For Metro Boston, Anna Clune at 508-923-2221 or a.clune@easternbank.com

Or, visit any Eastern Bank branch.

1. Aggregate commercial loan commitments, including this request, cannot exceed $100,000