Racial Equity

Closing the racial equity gap

Racial Equity

While racial equity continues to be one of today’s most talked about issues, we’ve been dedicated to addressing it head on for years. We’ve advocated for Race Amity Day along with more equitable access to financial resources, created pathways and mentorship programs for minority business owners to succeed and put our values on display to show minority communities we stand with and for them. While these commitments and programs are a step in the right direction, we know there is still more work to be done until true equity is achieved.

Working towards equity

A call to action from our Chair and CEO Bob Rivers

Juneteenth 2020: How Far We've Come—and Still Have to Go

How BEI is Addressing Economic Disparity in Massachusetts

The New Commonwealth Racial Equity And Social Justice Fund

Join In

How You Can Join Us

In addition to talking about change, we are working with people who want to be part of the movement creating it. Here are some of the organizations we partner with that are helping in the fight for racial equity.

Foundation for Business Equity

Queens Co.

Black Economic Council of MA



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