Women’s Advancement

Fighting for more seats at the table

Women's Advancement

Women make up half of our population, yet are vastly underrepresented in leadership roles. We’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years to champion women and fight for them to earn their long deserved seat at the table. When two bills encouraging pay equity and promoting more women to leadership roles were up for a vote, we testified before the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development to show our support. We fight for representation and will continue to work with organizations and people who feel the same.

Making room for representation

Celebrating the Women in 2018 Who Have Inspired Us

Boston’s She-Village Caters to Women-Owned Businesses

What Women Running for Congress Can Learn About Campaigning for the People

The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus Empowers Female Candidates

Women Empowerment Groups Band Together to Help Immigrants

Judy Nitsch: Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Leaders

Carol Fulp: A Champion of Change for Women and Communities of Color

How You Can Join Us

Championing women and girls is about more than vocalizing the flaws in our system. It’s about creating actionable pathways and opportunities for women and girls to succeed the same way men do. Here are a few of our partner organizations fighting for equitable pay and more seats at the table.

Girls Inc.
Women Encouraging Empowerment
Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus

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