First Time LogIn Instructions

Important Information for our Bill Payment, Quickbooks and Quicken customers


How to Access Your Bill Payment Service

Already using the Bill Payment service? Follow these simple steps to access Bill Payment:

Eastern Business Banking Customers

Please note that the link to your Bill Payment Service is in a different location than OfficeConnect. Follow the steps below to find the Bill Payment link or click here to access a resource guide.

Do not use the Bill Payment Enrollment widget if you already use the service in OfficeConnect.

  • Go to the Accounts workspace
  • From the Other Services widget, click Bill Payment

Eastern Treasury Customers

  • Go to the Payments & Transfers workspace
  • Click Bill Payment

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Connect to QuickBooks and Quicken

Important Actions for QuickBooks/Quicken Users  

If you are already using QuickBooks or Quicken with your Eastern Bank accounts, modifications to your settings will be needed to ensure a smooth data transition.

Please choose the appropriate instructions for your program and follow carefully to ensure your online banking connectivity functions properly.

* Eastern Bank recommends using the current release of QuickBooks or one of its two previous versions. Earlier versions may not be supported. Minimum systems requirements are defined by the manufacturer for the product version you own.

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