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Business Resources

Reference guides and video tutorials to help maximize your online banking experience

Eastern Business Banking™

Eastern Business Banking™ is a flexible, easy to use and convenient online banking solution designed to meet the needs of Small Businesses.

Eastern Treasury™

Eastern Treasury™ is a cash management banking solution that gives you the ability to manage cash flow and initiate transactions through a variety of service modules.

Quickbooks and Quicken

If you export transactions from QuickBooks or Quicken and recently migrated to our new online banking platform, modifications to your settings are needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Bill Payment

Already using the Bill Payment service? Follow these simple steps to access Bill Payment in our new online banking:

For Eastern Business Banking:

For Eastern Treasury:

  • Go to the Payments & Transfers workspace
  • Click Bill Payment

QuickBooks and Quicken

Reference Guides and Instructions

Important actions for migrated online banking customers that export to QuickBooks or Quicken. Please choose the appropriate instructions for your program and follow carefully to ensure your online banking connectivity functions properly.

QuickBooks Reference Guides:

Quicken Reference Guides:

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  • Actionable insights for your business
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